Load developed a game as part of an innovation initiative (Research & Development) within the Blockchain ecosystem. To be more precise, it is centered on the newest trend in the gaming industry that uses rewarding mechanisms to win crypto rewards while playing games. Our main challenge was to explore gamification concepts regarding cryptocurrencies in video games. From our experience, indie games usually don’t have the expected outcome, especially in an unbalanced market where big gaming corporations hold a monopoly with their gigantic networking and marketing machines working around the awareness and launch campaigns of their games.

Therefore, in the path of discovering alternative routes, we decided to look for innovative ways in the field of game development monetization, that would allow smaller games to boost and keep their engagement. To give life to this experiment, the Versus game was born.


Considering Versus is a fast-paced and indie game, we used gamification and the engagement of a project that is still in development, but already available for early adopters: QUDO. QUDO is a utility token offering a rewarding mechanism for games where gamers are rewarded for their time, performance, and other actions while playing. All the while, Game Developers grow their gaming community, earn cryptocurrency for their game being played and get support from adhering services.

Load allocated a team to take care of the Game development and Supporting Backend. The game was developed in Unity, with all the assets (3D modeling, textures, animations, and graphical user interfaces) created in-house. The game was then deployed into two platforms (Android & iOS). For the Supporting Backend we have created a mechanism, using Node.js, to interact with the game interface, by registering all information, using MongoDB, and also integration with the QUDO SDK. An SDK (software development kit) is a collection of software development tools in one installable package.

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In VS (Versus) you control the main character of the game, who lives in a small, post-apocalyptic world. Your job is to help him run away from death. The end goal is to complete rounds to a small planet, while the game gets increasingly complicated, by adding new obstacles and speed at every lap. In order to create a real competition using Versus, Load created a ghost concept, where the player competes against its best run or another player’s best run, called the multiplayer mode.

Versus is a very fast-paced casual game where 3 minutes of playtime without losing will be a synonym of great performance. To make things more interesting, every time the “Play” button is pressed, a new world is created, so unless you repeat a run or play against someone else’s high score, obstacles will always be different.
To win, the player must avoid obstacles, either by jumping, ducking, or shooting at them.
To make things more interesting, there is an option to bet QUDO on multiplayer games, where the winner gets the QUDO tokens bet by the loser.

Both Versus and QUDO are still being tested and improved by the day, but we expect high levels of engagement from all the feedback we were able to gather so far. With this, we take Load to a new level and audience, firmly stating that we are a highly multidisciplinary tech company.