At Load, we follow the most recent technology trends intrinsically. In order to nurture our culture of technological democracy, we have an internal process composed of 3 steps:
  • Identifying new technologies: Our technology trends board keeps a list of emerging technologies updated. It is a result of continuous online research for new technological trends, in multiple disciplines;
  • Self-learning: Periodically, each team member at Load picks one technology from the list of emerging technologies, linked to his/her interests and field of activity, and studies it. At Load, every Monday morning is dedicated to learning and building knowledge on the selected subject;
  • Sharing: After months of self-learning, each team member organizes a workshop where he/she shares the knowledge acquired with his colleagues. 
By doing so, we empower our technological democracy mindset necessary to select the most adequate & up-to-date technologies for each project, instead of converting the existing/comfortable knowledge to the needs of every project.