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At LOAD, we follow the latest technology trends with great interest. To maintain our culture of technological democracy, we have an internal process that consists of 3 steps:
  • Identify new technologies: our technology trends board keeps a list of emerging technologies updated. It is the result of continuous online research for new technological trends in various disciplines;
  • Self-learning: Periodically, each team member at LOAD selects and studies a technology from the list of emerging technologies that relates to their interests and area of practice. At LOAD, each Monday morning is dedicated to learning and building knowledge about the selected topic;
  • Sharing: After months of self-learning, each team member organizes a workshop where he/she shares the acquired knowledge with his/her colleagues.
In this way, we strengthen our technological-democratic thinking, which is necessary to select the most appropriate and up-to-date technologies for each project, instead of converting the existing/convenient knowledge to the needs of each project.
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