Hey, there! My name is Aleksandra Korzh, but everyone calls me Sasha. I’m 30 years old, and I’ve been working at LOAD for 3 years now. I’m a Marketing Specialist, and today I’m excited to offer you a glimpse into my day-to-day life. 👀 Join me and find out what’s like working as a Marketer at a tech company in Portugal.


When it’s office day, I get up much earlier than usual because I love taking my time to prepare some delicious oatmeal and a cup full of coffee. It’s my happy ritual. While my breakfast is cooking, I take a few minutes to read the news or catch up on social media – a bad habit I can’t seem to get rid of.


As soon as I finish my breakfast, I start getting ready. Going to the office without makeup is just not my thing. You know those memes about hybrid workers, the ones that show them looking like a hot mess at home and perfectly put-together at the office? Well, that’s me to a tee. 😅 When I’m working from home, I’m all about comfort!


As I arrive at the office, I inhale deeply, sensing the weight of the day ahead. 😬 As the only in-house marketer, I have a lot of preparing to do for the upcoming month.
I begin by sifting through my agenda (yes, I’m a touch old-fashioned; my tasks and days find their organization in a physical agenda). Today’s goals are clear: zeroing (or trying to!) in on two primary tasks—monthly reporting and content creation, encompassing both copy and design. Yet, before embarking on any of this, there’s a particular matter that requires my attention…


… Daily standup! Every day, without exception, we take a few minutes to share our tasks for the day with our colleagues. This helps us to stay on track with what is going on at LOAD and identify solutions to some possible existing problems a colleague might be facing that day or week.


Time to roll up my sleeves! On reporting days, I like to start with reporting first thing in the morning. It might sound surprising coming from someone with a Humanities background, but I’ve grown to appreciate working with numbers. Yet, the vast volume of data to handle within a single day can be quite overwhelming. To guarantee I got all the data correctly, I meticulously review the numbers a couple of times throughout the day.
In this report, I try to be as detailed as possible about our overall online performance. It covers all our social media (from LinkedIn to Twitter) and also the performance of our website and paid ads on Google. This task usually takes all morning, often extending a bit into the afternoon.
I love getting into the nitty-gritty of the data and seeing how our online marketing campaigns are performing. It’s fascinating to see how people are interacting with our content and what’s resonating with them. I also enjoy identifying areas where we can improve our performance and make better decisions in the future. 🤓


After several hours of reporting, I start to feel hungry. It’s crucial to detach from your workstation and computer once in a while, especially during long working periods. We’re often connected to our screens for so long that we easily forget the detrimental effects it can have on our overall health and well-being.
I make my way to our lounge area for a quick snack, followed by quick stretches in the bathroom. Taking a few moments to unwind and clear my mind—simply by closing my eyes and taking deep breaths—is something I find solace in. This helps me to recharge my energy and return to work refreshed and focused.


 Now, I’m ready to get back to work! But before I do, I take a few moments to chat with my TV show buddies regarding the series we’re currently watching. It’s all about finding inspiration from any and every source available and indulging in our inner nerds from time to time! One could say it’s a perk of being in the tech world. 😀


By this point, I’m as hungry as a bear! I make my way to our dining area and prepare my lunch. Despite the sunny weather today, we’ve chosen to remain indoors. I won’t deny it, thoughts of a post-lunch power nap have been on my mind since this morning! Our couch has sparked a spirited contest amongst us. We compete to see who can finish lunch the quickest, earning the 30-minute nap on the couch. I must admit, I really couldn’t ask for a better fight! 😏


Is it just me, or does my body seem to slow down significantly after a meal and a short nap? Despite all that, I have to review the reporting I did in the morning. I go through the numbers and take some notes on the most relevant highlights for that month. These notes will be of help to me when I start preparing my presentation for the management meeting we hold every month to present results to the management team.


Once I complete my reporting, I can shift gears to my other top priority for the day: content creation. As you can see, my day can go from being extremely analytical to creative in a couple of hours. I appreciate this dynamic as it allows me to explore different parts of the Marketing domain and learn as much as I can from it.
And now, it’s time to start working on the last two weeks of content for the upcoming month. Undoubtedly, this task will extend beyond just this afternoon. Today’s agenda also includes preparing two pivotal visual assets. For the first one, I jump into Figma. Thanks to our UI/UX designer, Nádia, I finally started exploring this tool myself. Each month, we roll out a post called “LOAD Tips,” where we gather some (as the name suggests) tips on digital product development, UI/UX design, leadership, management, code development, and more. Be on the lookout for this month’s edition of LOAD Tips!

Creating content is indeed time-consuming. Each post must be well-thought-out. Beyond that, I must create all the corresponding visual assets and copy to align with my ideas. It’s a comprehensive cycle that can be quite daunting at times, I won’t lie. Despite it all, I love the challenge. It brings a unique kind of joy to conceive fresh ideas and watch them come to life. Besides, it is rewarding knowing that my content is having an impact out there in the digital world!


With the research for the Figma post completed, visual elements compiled, and final copy polished, I dive into the creative process by playing around with all these components. As each element finds its designated spot, I start experimenting with various layouts. This phase is crucial, as the layout must be visually appealing while ensuring the information remains readable and accessible for our readers. I’ve no doubt that Nádia will have a multitude of thoughts on my ideas… 😀 I’m looking forward to sharing the post with you! Keep an eye out for what’s coming next week!


The Figma post isn’t wrapped up as I had anticipated, but I’m feeling the need for a brief break from the task. I swiftly move to the next visual element that’s on my agenda for today.  For this post, I will be needing a model, so I go ahead and take a photo of Tiago Prior and begin the editing process. It takes me around 10 minutes to do all the adjustments and to add it to Canva, which is where I will be assembling this specific post.


The design is gradually taking form, and with the final adjustments scheduled for tomorrow, I’m sure it will look just as I pictured it. I’m happy with the direction the post is taking. You may have already come across it on the internet earlier this August!
I have a few minutes left before heading home, so I decide to open our Google Ads account and quickly check the performance. This is a daily routine for me, as it aids in pinpointing areas for improvement and taking prompt action when needed. Today, I realized that our click-through rate (CTR) could be slightly better. This shows the importance of ensuring the relevance of our ads to the search terms users use. I’ll proceed to plan a review of our ad copy and keywords.


Time to head home, but relaxation isn’t on the agenda just yet! I’ve enrolled in a local gym as a personal commitment to my body and overall health. I’ve committed to attending at least 2 to 3 times a week. Today, I engaged in cardio and addressed my somewhat lacking upper body strength. No photo-worthy moments from this session, my apologies, folks! 😜


As soon as I reach home, I make a beeline for the shower to wash off the day’s stress. After dinner, it’s my long-awaited moment to delve into my book. There’s something magical about snuggling up with captivating pages and immersing myself in a different reality. It is the ultimate escape from the day-to-day pressure. This, unquestionably, is the highlight of my day – a cherished period when I can be with my family and simply unwind.

Thank you for sticking with me until the end! I hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did. See you soon!

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