Hello, you. It’s a new day in my life as IT Talent Acquisition at LOAD. Some days I work from home, other days from our office in the center of Aveiro, Portugal. It is difficult to describe a typical day in my life as a Talent Acquisition because no days are the same, but I will try to show you a small part of it.
When I work from home, I can enjoy a few more minutes of laziness in bed than usual, but usually, my day starts very early.  😴

7:15 AM 

I always like to start my day by snuggling with my little cat. Then I drink a big cup of coffee and I’m ready for a workout that helps me wake up from an extremely good night of sleep.

9:10 AM

The first thing I do is open my calendar to see how my day will go, and there I see this:

– A daily morning meeting with the team where we discuss what is coming up in our days/weeks. We use this time to go over what has happened in the last few days and see if anyone needs our help.
– Right after that, I have a weekly meeting with my supervisor to plan things out, update each other, report back, and set the tone for the week;
– And then, some initial interviews with candidates who may be joining LOAD or our client’s team.

(Meanwhile, the guys from the office during our daily meeting.)

9:30 AM

The first thing I notice is all the unread emails and messages I’ve on Linkedin 👀. Let’s see what happened overnight. Oh! These are the candidates who agreed to talk to me to show them a little more about LOAD, our open positions, and our culture. The best part of my day is when I receive positive feedback! It doesn’t matter if it comes from the candidate, the client, or another colleague on my team. I’m certain other recruiters will understand exactly what I’m talking about!

After our morning meeting, while enjoying my hot cup of coffee, I start by answering all the messages to set up the first meeting with them. Then I keep searching for the right talent for the different positions we have. I usually use Linkedin Recruiter to get in touch with potential candidates, but I also use Indeed, IT Jobs, and other Portuguese platforms and websites to find the perfect match for our open positions. Once a new vacancy is identified, I create job ads and post them on various platforms and provide support during the onboarding process.
Our work consists of much more than just sending out resumes to clients or conducting interviews. I work with my manager, Lara Fonseca, to recruit, assess, hire and welcome talent. We both have a common goal – to find great candidates as quickly as possible. So we typically work together to develop the best hiring strategy, review applications and also promote the company’s brand and culture.

12:00 PM

We’re getting closer to lunch, but I still have time to make update calls with some candidates, engage with them and keep them excited about the new challenge! As we know, recruiters are the first contact in the relationship that is established between the candidate and the company, and at LOAD we love to preserve this proximity. We consider it crucial to keep in touch with all the people we’ve been in contact with. That is what makes my job so great: the ability to connect with people, and the chance to provide them with interesting new possibilities.

1:00 PM

By lunchtime, I’m back at the office and it’s time to grab a coffee to recharge our batteries for the afternoon of work ahead. Kika (our office doggie) always comes along to play a bit in the garden and stretch her lazy legs.

2:00 PM

Back to work, full of energy! 😁💪🏻

At LOAD, every day is different. It’s not a monotonous, boring, nine-to-five day where I sit at my desk and do not get up until it’s time to go home. Priorities and deadlines are constantly changing and we have to keep up with them. Most of the time we have to hold ourselves accountable and know how to handle frustration to stay positive and do a good job.  There are days when we are relentlessly searching for candidates through social media, contacts, and databases. There is always a slight chance that the candidate doesn’t have the perfect fit with our client (or vice-versa), or that the candidate changes his/her mind regarding the opportunity presented, and so on…

Building a healthy relationship is hard work, but for now, let’s focus on the good things! The best part of my job is definitely when I talk to a candidate and they accept the job! After the first interview, we always get back to the candidate and provide feedback, even if unfortunately it does not make it to a second interview. At IT we know that selecting candidates is a lengthy process, but we always try our best to be as quick as possible.

5:00 PM

Time to grab a snack (or two), play a little ping-pong, and sometimes puzzle bobble, which I always (sadly) lose.

5:10 PM 

Time for an initial interview with an applicant for an internal position. In this type of interview, we usually ask general questions about their work history and experience. The second and final phase of our internal hiring process takes place with our CTO, Davide Ricardo, where he delves deeper into the technical side of their experience, their passion for IT, and gives them a little challenge so they can put their technical skills into practice.

6:00 PM

All the good things come to an end. 🥳 What a day!

Time for yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️, but when it’s Thursday we, LOAD’s girls, go have a glass of wine and have our very well-deserved girl time together 🍷.

See you tomorrow! 👋🏼

Jessica Costa