Having something to share is amazing, but willing to do it with others is even better.

Since the very beginning, we have been able to encourage the correct knowledge-sharing culture at Load. As we work in an industry that is constantly evolving and growing in directions sometimes unpredictable, we must have the ability to change fast, but as you know, fast changes do not happen with just a blink of an eye. For someone to be able to react quickly, he or she must have the right mindset and skillset.

It’s very important to nurture these two from a young age. Ideally, it should come from the family, school, university, and, later on, applied at work.

At Load we want our coworkers to be perfectly ready for all unpredictable situations that may arise. After all, they are our biggest asset and investment. As Simon Sinek would say:

“We should invest in people not ideas. A good idea is often destroyed by bad people and good people can always make a bad idea better”.

As a tech company, we have pillars that support our working philosophy, and here are some of them:

We make all the information available to our coworkers.

We don’t have a rigid vertical leadership structure, meaning: we are all working towards the same goal. Each person has their own responsibilities and we trust each other to keep things moving. Although the management keeps everything under control, we don’t practice micro-management. In spite of questioning everyone’s work, we try to inspire each other and to continuously grow together.
At Load, we make sure that everyone is on top of what is happening within the company.

Encourage education

Knowledge is one of the most powerful foundations we have as people.

At Load, we believe that knowledge is progressive and that you never really master everything completely, but you can definitely try to be on top of new tools, technologies, programming languages, trends & procedures.

It’s the 21st century: things change super quickly and information gets to you even quicker. Whatever was true yesterday, might be arguable today.

For that reason, we have the “Self-learning Monday” — in the first half of the day we study. That’s right. Whenever we are not busy with projects or client requests, we take that time to learn everything new necessary to give better, faster, and more efficient responses to our clients’ needs. This allows us to help our customers with their innovative challenges, by staying on top of new trends, technologies, and having higher technological maturity.

Whenever we feel like we have learned something valuable, we go ahead and give a little workshop to our peers, enlightening them and making sure everyone has access to the most recent knowledge from the market.

Support the sharing culture

As previously said, we find it important to develop a knowledge-sharing based culture within the company, and it does not only apply to the company-coworker relationship. It also applies to coworker-coworker.

We truly believe that you learn when teaching others and that you grow bigger and better when you are able to give without expecting something in return. And so that is what we try to communicate to our employees.
Hiding your knowledge out of fear or pure competition will only make others distrust you with their knowledge. People like that quickly become the outsiders of an organization and, in the future, they find it difficult to come back into the circle.

Remember: competition is only good when healthy. Compete with others to grow and develop new skills, but be humble enough to share with them what you’ve learned together along the way.

Start at the beginning: welcome package

Policies and procedures must be communicated right at the very beginning of each person’s journey with you. As a solution for that, we’ve come up with a welcome starter kit that introduces new people to the way we work, what we believe in, what tools we use, and our future plans.

This allows people to get familiarized with the culture from day one and already makes them feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves.

Overall, good basic practices result in a good working environment, where people feel comfortable, needed, and valued.

Your biggest and best investment will always be people.

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