This year is, for us, a very special one and, we hope, even brighter and more fulfilling than all the rest combined. 

Looking back ten years, we realize how many wonderful people were a part of our journey and how many things have happened, most of them awesome but also with a few setbacks. We have learned to overcome unpredictable challenges while still being a small team back then, and as a founder of this team, I must share the pride and enthusiasm I feel witnessing the maturity growth in our team. Truly, I couldn’t be happier about our journey as a whole. I’ve seen people come and go, get married, have children, and become true friends. I’ve seen our whole team creating unforgettable moments inside (and outside) work.
The majority of our staff has been with us for several years. Many of them started as interns or trainees at Load, being now key elements to our team, leading newcomers, and participating in important aspects of the organization.

Not so long after December 2019, covid-19 has entered into our lives and completely shaken it, by changing our way of living, of working, and the overall perspective we had about life and the world around us.
I remember the 2019 Christmas dinner when I shared with our team how confident I was regarding the year ahead, far from imagining that covid-19 would strike us all right after that. Against all odds, apart from the horrible health crisis we’ve been experiencing, it has actually helped our business grow due to the acceleration of the digitalization happening all around the world.

In terms of work habits, similarly to most companies, we were initially forced to a full-remote work experience and now, in between all ups and downs from covid seasons, we are organized with a hybrid work mode, choosing between the office and home. In fact, we strongly believe this has come to stay. Nevertheless, we still highly recommend all colleagues to come to the office at least 2-3 times a week as we are constantly investing in making our office cozier and more friendly while organizing team-building activities at the office and outside of it. We’re strong believers in being more than just colleagues, we believe in friendships being born when working together.

Business-wise, our clients are becoming bigger, the same way projects are. If back in 2019 we were already happy with our customer base, now we deal with even greater projects and a bigger diversity of customers, ranging from vibrant start-ups to stock market listed companies. This is the result of the launch of our marketing department, the recent launch of our new website that truly reflects the company we are today, supported by several digital marketing activities and promo campaigns, but mostly due to the restless work from our awesome sales team, that is becoming bigger, more mature and therefore more efficient as a whole.

Our turnover has been growing so it has generated the need for our team to grow. In 2019, we closed the year with 17 team members, and now we’re 26, immediately needing to grow to nearly 30.

This growth, although very positive, brings new challenges. 

Load is today a leading digital innovation company that helps small and large organizations in researching and developing their new digital products, providing valuable resources as extensions to their tech teams. Our capacity across innovative areas as Blockchain, VR, Machine Learning, and MedTech is the result of our boldness to learn new domains while accepting hard challenges that others wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. This added to the always up-to-date knowledge and high-quality standards building with the more traditional technologies and methodologies that make digital projects come to life.

All this being said, we would like to thank you for being with us for the last 10 years of our existence. We count on many more by your side.

João Abrantes