Hello, Pedro! We are so happy that you’ve agreed on doing this little interview and to share your professional experience with all of us!

We are curious about what it’s like managing projects in such a fast-changing industry like tech. So, let’s find out more about you!

How long have you been working at Load?

What did you study and how did you end up being a Project Manager?

What would you say is the biggest challenge of managing projects in such a fast-moving industry as technological innovation?

How to properly overcome those challenges as a team?

What is the thing you like the most about your current professional position?

What are the best tools you use in your daily activities?

What sort of working methodologies do you implement the most when working with your team? Share your secrets with us!

When do you know that the project is off-track? What are the alarming signs to pay attention to?

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?

Tell us about a project you found particularly interesting.

What’s your dream project?

What would you say to someone who’s starting his/her career as a PM?

How do you see your career progressing in a few years with all the innovations happening?

Aleksandra Korzh