Most people’s ambitions nowadays are big corporations, big salaries, big acknowledgments, big job titles, and perhaps big responsibilities. We are drawn to believe that we will only get those achievements in well-established worldwide tech companies. Yet we all know the truth: you can achieve whatever you want in either a big or a mid-sized company, each one very different from another. You just have to make sure that you and the company are growing in the same direction, and not further apart. Today, we will be mentioning the advantages of working at a medium (in size) tech company and how it can be a big ally in your professional growth.


1 – You are not just a number.

On the contrary to big corporations, in a medium-sized tech company, you are not just one of the many. You will most likely feel that you play an important role in the company’s growth, and this will help you to be more aware of your true purpose. You should know that you are not just there to achieve the established KPIs. Your growth is done in a very organic way and side-by-side with the vast majority of the team.

2 – Mid-sized companies are more flexible and open to dialogue.

How can dialogue and flexibility positively impact your job? You have a voice that people want to hear. Exactly. Your voice, input, opinions are all welcome to the table. You feel closer to management and, therefore, you start to realize that you belong to a bigger cause. 


3 – There is more transparency and less distance between coworkers and management.

If you find that it is important to be always updated on what is going on inside the company, then you should consider a smaller one. Usually, smaller to medium-sized corporations are open with the employees regarding their numbers, growth difficulties, and future plans. You might even want to take part in helping your company overcome certain obstacles, and as stated before, your input will be welcome. Of course, we are not trying to generalize that to all companies out there, as there are always exceptions to the rule. We are only sharing this from our own personal experience at LOAD.
As a big bonus, you have more chances of creating valuable relationships with other colleagues because in companies like that it is usually easier to enhance the team spirit.


4 – You diversify your knowledge amplitude.

If your wish is to diversify, then your place is in a medium-sized company, but if you aim to specify, then you should look into bigger corporations. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your professional goal and personal preference. It is much easier to diversify your knowledge amplitude in a smaller company because, at one point or another, you will deal with tasks outside of your comfort zone. Plus, companies like that usually appreciate more versatile and multidisciplinary employees.

As a Marketer, I can only speak on my behalf: by working at LOAD, I was able to explore several sides of Marketing and every day is a unique experience. I had the opportunity to tackle different sub-domains of my profession: copywriting, advertising, design, lead generation, and so on. For some, this can be quite overwhelming, but for me, it is a beautiful learning experience. Overall, you get to work on exciting projects and never get bored with repetitive tasks.


5 – It is much easier to get noticed.

The chances of your job and performance being noticed are much higher thanks to the proximity you have to all business operations and people involved. If you want to grow on the professional ladder, you can rest assured that if you do a great job, then you will be rewarded much faster than in a big corp. The bigger the company, the slower the flow. This takes me to the next point.


6 – More flexible and faster processes: career progression, salary, and performance reviews.

If you appreciate faster and more agile processes, you should seriously consider applying to a medium-sized tech company. This makes career progression, salary, and performance reviews go way smoother for both sides of the table. In companies where all those processes happen slowly, you might feel like a cog within a very big machine. Looking at it long-term, you might face frustration, lack of motivation, and misunderstanding.


So, what’s better?

There is no wrong or right answer. At the end of the day, it is absolutely up to you to discover the place where you feel most valued and appreciated. From personal experience, at LOAD I feel challenged, motivated, and eager to be better every day. I like the hustle and the proximity I get to build every day with my teammates. Nevertheless, this is the journey that I need now. 

What’s yours?

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Aleksandra Korzh