Block Bastards




Block Bastards has been developing QUDO since the beginning of 2018. It is a large-scale project that aims to become the main crypto-currency for the gaming industry. The central idea is to enable a mechanism that measures time spent playing adhering games by players, rewarding them and game owners with freshly minted QUDO coins (among other features), and provide game developers an SDK that they can easily integrate.
Block Bastards has been dedicating to the research and development of an innovative ecosystem for the whole gaming community, the Blockchain-based solutions (selection of protocol, technology, and respective network to deploy), the token economics behind it, and the connectivity between the Blockchain components and the adhering games (SDK and respective APIs). 

Despite the fact that Block Bastards is a digital technology company, capable of developing their own product, they needed support in defining the whole User Experience and Product Design, regarding the platform usage by the different stakeholders (gamers, game developers, and gaming service providers).
Moreover, given the nature of this project, Block Bastards understood the importance of having a third-party technical audit, in order to detect possible bugs or security issues before launching. Additionally, it has also helped them to improve the code standards, conventions used, and, in the end, launch an even more robust digital product to the public.


Since LOAD has in-house knowledge of the full technological stack used by Block Bastards in QUDO, namely Blockchain, EOS.IO, C++ based Smart Contracts, and ‘off-chain’ tech stack such as Node.js, React, and Unity, we were able to fulfill all Block Bastard’s requirements. For Block Bastards it was important to find a partner that would fully understand the solution being developed, be able to perform a 100% wide range audit, and be their ‘one-stop-shop’ instead of splitting the work packages between several contractors.

We, at LOAD, started by performing stakeholder interviews with the different module responsible people at BlockBastards, namely the people responsible for the game Blox, the SDK installed in Blox (and to be used by all adhering games in a similar way), the people responsible for the API and the backend, and finally with the people responsible for the Smart Contracts deployed on the Blockchain and respective network properties needed for the whole project).
QUDO was missing a dashboard to create engagement with its community (users), for all aspects of each profile (player, game developer & his games, service providers).
After understanding all the ins and outs, LOAD created a User Journey Map. We also came up with the color scheme and mood boards associated with a project of this typology. Lastly, in co-creation with Block Bastards, was created a fully complete dashboard, with both public and reserved areas, from wireframes to its fine details UI mockup. 

All the knowledge was transferred to Block Bastards, allowing them to implement the dashboard, in close connectivity to LOAD’s UI/UX design team and our Blockchain experts.
Additionally, it is being performed as an iterative process of tech auditing to the full project, on several disciplines: Frontend, Backend & APIs, on-chain (smart contracts, tokenomics, and blockchain integration), and also on SDK + game.
This audit is done taking into consideration security, code quality, readiness, and compliance with code conventions, the performance of algorithms, and upgradeability.

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Currently, although still in the Alpha phase (November 2020), a fully working project and dashboard are available at All QUDO mechanics are explained at
The main net launch of QUDO is expected to happen in 2021. The project runs on the TELOS test network (EOS.IO-based network) and even now, QUDO has already registered over 1.500 early/test users that use the project and have access to the dashboard.
We believe QUDO will revolutionize the gaming industry and we are glad to have helped Block Bastards in this amazing project.