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The University of Brighton‘s Centre for Change, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Management (CENTRIM) has introduced Profitnet, an innovative learning network for businesses. The confidential group sessions are facilitated by experts, and companies can learn from each other. The network’s unique advantage is that it allows members to leverage collective expertise to address real-world business challenges. CENTRIM worked with us to digitize the Profitnet program. The objective was to create a web-based platform that would streamline the management of multiple projects under the Profitnet umbrella. The aim was to develop an efficient and user-friendly solution that would enhance the effectiveness of the Profitnet network and help members achieve their goals.

Our approach

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the intended features and requirements of the Profitnet program, we undertook a light Digital Product Research (DPR) approach. The Profitnet program leadership team was convened for numerous focused sessions to identify the critical components of the project. This exercise helped us understand the processes and interactions of all the stakeholders involved in the program. Based on what we learned in these sessions, we developed a shortlist of requirements and identified specific actions for each of them. These actions included:

  • Design and development of Profitnet Digital, a digital communications platform that includes an integrated digital grouping and meeting management service for stakeholders;
  • Provide a robust and scalable infrastructure to support the growing needs of the organization, including comprehensive user profiles and dedicated areas for each profile type (e.g., members, group facilitators, project managers, and SME support organizations);
  • Developing a user-friendly and visually appealing design for Profitnet Digital that aligns with Profitnet and Profitnet Plus brand identity;
  • Development of a mobile app to automate attendance tracking for physical meetings;
  • Implementing GDPR compliance measures;
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and policies of the University of Brighton.
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The project culminated in the development of a web-based platform that effectively showcases the Profitnet program features, and benefits, and promotes CENTRIM and the University of Brighton. The platform offers a visually appealing and user-friendly website that acts as a gateway to a secure members-only area. Participating companies, project managers, and facilitators can easily access and manage all aspects of the program through this area. To maintain the program’s integrity, we developed a meeting scheduling system that includes a mobile application for recording attendance and monitoring progress without disrupting participants. Additionally, the platform has a back-office that allows CENTRIM to collect and analyze data on program activities, including statistical information and archived records.