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The Eagle project was conceived to investigate the feasibility of a unified solution, relying on smart drones, for capturing individuals’ best moments during sports practice. It would offer a remarkable opportunity to save moments from different environments and share them easily on social media platforms.

Our approach

LOAD’s Digital Product Research project was divided into two phases. The first phase focused on determining the customer and user experience with the product and its ecosystem, consisting of a wearable device, a smart drone, and a mobile application. In the subsequent phase, a comprehensive feasibility study was conducted to understand the product’s capabilities and limitations. Through various findings on the topic of autonomous cognitive drones, we had to take into consideration countless phases and tackle both hardware and software requirements.

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After feature testing and demonstration, we concluded that this solution would enable person recognition, tracking and capturing specific movements, and moment identification and interpretation, thanks to the integration of machine learning.

From a technological point of view, the use of AI and the integration with different devices make this project unique and able to provide a video clip that shows the best moments.