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LOAD assisted Galp in enhancing routine technical tasks involving the installation of gas tanks for their customers. The primary objective is to comply with all safety and measurement requirements on-site by using Augmented Reality technology (AR). We have developed a prototype to be field-tested to demonstrate the reliability of using this cutting-edge technology and to support operations and sales teams in evaluating new business opportunities with minimal effort.

Our approach

Prior to undertaking any hands-on product development, we conducted an analysis of the requirements and expectations and assessed the technical feasibility to determine the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) in this specific scenario. We encountered some uncertainties in using the technology outside a staged and controlled environment, especially in identifying smaller objects, which posed one of the biggest challenges. We realized that the client would have to undergo a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and that only after receiving the necessary insights would they be able to establish a framework that could truly demonstrate the prototype’s value.

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galp gas augmented reality simulatorgalp gas augmented reality simulator

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The digital product enables the visualization of virtual safety zones around tanks to ensure proper placement in compliance with regional laws and regulations. In addition, customers can use the application to share AR (Augmented Reality) images of the facility internally to verify that the original configuration has not been inaccurately altered. The product not only saves time and money for our client and their customers, but also helps with annual regulatory audits of fueling stations and measures fuel deposits prior to construction.